Online Resources

Online Resources

Read the Bible in a Year


Blue Letter Bible


Christianity for Beginners - A seven-part series of videos designed to serve as a basic introduction to belief in God, the story of the Bible, who is Jesus, and more.  A great place to begin to learn more about God, Christ and the Bible.   Many more video series are avaliable on their home page:

The Bible Project - Beautifully illustrated videos summarize each book of the Bible.  They also have videos illustrating thematic concepts from the Bible, as well as word-study videos.

World Video Bible School on YouTube -  Numerous video series dealing with Bible topics and questions.  Their video What Must I Do To Be Saved is a great starting point for sharing the Gospel message of salvation with others.


Links to youtube channels with acapella hymns: 

Keith Lancaster          ZOE Group           Hallal Music          Edwin Martinez          Harding University Concert Choir          SE Samonte                                                               Dallas Christian Adult Concert Choir

BLOGS - Wes McAdams' blog.  Insightful and thought-provoking articles from a Gospel preacher

God's Way Works - Edwin Crozier's blog.  Excellent and informative, Brother Crozier writes from a vast depth of Bible knowledge and wisdom.

Sanctify Christ - Doy Moyer's blog.  Wonderful messages from Brother Moyer on topical subjects from a Biblical perspective.  Be sure to visit his newest project: Searching Daily


Seeker Podcast - Daniel, Julian Robinson and Jesse Wilmore have a podcast

Stand to Reason - Christian apologetics and evidences

Reasonable Faith - Christian apologetics and evidences

Unleavened Bread - A recipe for communion bread from  If you have a preferred recipe, feel free to use your favorite!


The links on this page are intended to provide a starting point for exploring the wealth of online information regarding Bible study and Scripture.  We encourage you to listen to and read ALL Bible teaching with an eye for discernment. These links are provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by the Issaquah church of Christ of any of the teaching or opinions of the organization or individual.  Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content.