The Good News

The Good News

First the bad news - no one deserves to go to heaven. No one is good enough. One sin, one time, and we have severed our relationship with our King. Everyone who's old enough to break God's laws faces this horrible situation.

Fortunately the gospel, which literally means "good news", wipes out the bad news. So here it is - Jesus, the Son of God, came to earth and died as a sacrifice for everyone. He did not sin and therefore became the perfect sacrifice for you and me. If you let it be known that you believe Jesus is the Son of God, turn away from your past life, and die to sin through baptism (immersion), you become part of Christ's kingdom through His new covenant (contract) of grace.

This is the beginning of your new life. Will you still struggle with sin? According to God in 1 John you will. But in that same letter it also says that as long as you walk with Him you are in fellowship and His blood keeps you from the penalty of sin.

Now that's some pretty good news!

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