What to Expect

What to Expect

We invite you to come as you are and join us

as we praise and worship our God!

How should I dress? We're a varied and casual crew and we promise you will be comfortable no matter what attire you choose.

What is a typical Sunday morning like?  We strive to simply follow the Bible pattern, which is the same thing Christians have done for about 2,000 years and counting.  We begin with an open Bible study at 9:30 am, during which all are welcome to ask questions or make comments, or just listen along, as you prefer.  You can see our current class topic here.

After a short break, we begin our worship service at 10:30 am.  We will sing acapella songs of praise to our Lord, led by a member of the congregation.  Several men of our group will lead public prayers, and we will commune together as we remember Jesus’ death on the cross every Sunday with the Lord's Supper.  We will read aloud from the Bible.  We also have a lesson presented from the Bible, and we strive to inspire and strengthen those who hear the Word.

What about Sunday nights?  We try to vary our Sunday evening services throughout the month.  On the first Sunday of the month, we skip the sermon and offer a video series on topics of interest to our memebers.  On the fourth Sunday of the month, we forego our Sunday evening service in favor of a home group meeting, where the entire congregation and our guests are invited into a member’s home for a potluck lunch and Bible study.  Guests are always welcome to join us for any of these events!

What do you do on Wednesdays?  On Wednesday nights at 7pm, we gather together for a midweek Bible study.  Everyone is welcome to participate in the discussion, as we focus our study on applying God’s word to our lives.  We may be studying one of the books of the Bible, or we may be engaged in a thematic study of Christian living.  Check here for the current class topic.  Everyone meets first in the main auditorium for devotional prayer and acapella singing, then the kids (18 months through high school) are dismissed to separate classes.  If you are interested in a substantive Bible study with sincere Christians seeking God’s will, we hope you will find our Wednesday classes a perfect fit for you!

If you have further questions or if we can be of assistance, please contact us.